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Some pictures from my training trip to Ohio this week, Feb. 15 to 23, 2023

Juniper backing Kelly’s female “Dot” in a VERY good woodcock cover ( The Taco Cover ) The flight birds were in ! Feb. 2023
Kenny Kilkenny ( 2x CH Long Gone Porky ex RU Grouse CH Long Gone Juicy ) pointing Tenn.. Reds, quail, Waverly, Ohio. Feb, 2023
Some days we shoot quail for the dogs, here is one of Kelly’s youngsters that yours truly had just shot a quail for. I did some good shooting and some poor shooting! Feb. 2023
Here is Kelly moving one of his 4 quail pens to a more open area on his farm. The cover here was cleaner, and we could see what was going on better! Especially for the young dogs!
Long Gone Dequan pointing quail, Long Gone Porky backing. Waverly, Ohio, Feb. 2023. I have breeding and puppy information plus more training pictures to post but will do it in the am, Feb. 24, 2023