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Some shots at The Grand National Grouse Championship, Nov. 2022

First brace of this years Grand National Grouse Championship. Nov.1, 2022. Stake manager Tony Bly announces the brace. John Stolgitis explains the direction of the courses. First two on the left are our elected judges for this, the 80th renewal, Brian Ralph from PA. and Bert Benshoof from Minnesota. NY Professional Mark Forman is going to handle the orange setter, while Tammy and Scott Chaffee, professional wife and husband grouse dog pros from the famed Pioneer Kennels in Michigan get ready also.
Folks going down the course listening to the bells. The White Mountains of NH are on the horizon. We pointed grouse on this brace. Actually grouse were moved on all 6 courses. It can be rough going on some courses, but we have grouse!
Stake manager and Northeast Vice President of The Grand National ( The other Northeast Directors are John Stolgitis, Russel Ogilvie, Bob Little and Lloyd Murray ) Tony Bly attempts to handle the truck traffic!
Various official’s and spectators get ready, for Mid Atlantic Vice president of The Grand National, Dave Hughes and Gregor Muclusky to breakaway. Stake Manager, Tony Bly announces the brace.
Coffee break ( and snacks) at the Grand is always after the second brace, lunch ( at The White House) is after the fourth brace, so that leaves two for after lunch as we only run 6 hours a day ( 6 braces or twelve dogs ) Each brace gets thier own course which is app. 2 and a half miles.