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Spent the day looking for new covers in western Maine and worked some dogs with Steve “Hank ” Sumple and Tony.

We started the day by passing this large cow moose on our way to the covers !Always a treat to see these majestic animals. Not as many as we use to have.
The first brace of the day, “Hank” with his setter male, Bubba, braced up with Tony’s Annie. Bub is by Long Gone Studley. This cover is called “Hanks Highway. Then we hit “Blueberry Hill, and right after that “Mr Bones”
This is something you don’t see often, we were looking for new covers ( and found a shitload of them !) and we were in were in some deep woods, and behold, an apple tree, just full of apples????? Tony is looking it over.
This is an inlet to a major lake in Maine, and is obviously very low. We need rain badly to get some water in the woods
Hanks puppy, “Murphy” pointing ! We braced her up with my derby “Kenny”, that was fun !