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Spent the weekend visiting “Snoop” ( Colleen Murray)at Saint Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y.

Dad and Snoop, 11/11/22 with the Saint Lawrence golf course in the background.
Snoop took us on a tour of Campus, and took us to where she has one of her classes. She is displaying some of her work. “Good Job Snoop”
Tammy and Snoop on the steps by Kirk Douglas Hall. Saint Lawrence is such a beautiful Campus !
Our family ( minus Ruthie) with the Saint Lawrence River and Canada in he background. Of course “Mugway” is in the picture!
Fri. night 11/11 we went to The SLU vs Cornell hockey game. About a 2 minute walk from “Snoops” “Triple”.
Sat. 11/12 we went to “The Saints” vs Buffalo State game on Campus. SLU “Spanked Them ” The sun came out, it was a beautiful, blustery fall afternoon !
With 45 seconds left, the scoreboard says it all !
Sat. night, after dinner, we went to the Saints vs Colgate hockey game on campus. It was a very sports intensive weekend. Sitting by the glass can be scary!