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Tony and I were back in the woods this morning Tuesday July 19, 2022

Picking up brace three ! I could not bring my phone this am, as it was so wet from the rain all night. I screwed it up by carrying it in my pocket working dogs, the charger port got rusted, and doesn’t charge right anymore! I will get a new one tomorrow. But it was good, all dogs ( 6 ) had multiple finds and backs !We needed the rain badly ! We ran three braces in different spots for about an hour each. If you see these two trucks in the woods….KEEP GOING, they are demented idiots !
Two soaked guys, after working dogs this am, July 19, 2022. My favorite brace was “Kenny Kilkenny” ( 15 months old ) who had three woodcock and two backs in his work out. Tony and I have been friends since about 1963 at The Chamberlin Street Middle School, in Rochester, NH. Keep in mind John Kennedy was President then, and BEFORE the Beatles came to America! Rock on Tony!