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Tony had a little accident on the way to the woods yesterday, Aug.5th, 2022

This gate is always open, so in the dark, (as we were going in to the cover early) Tony did not see the gate was part way open ! He was very LUCKY he did not get hurt !
Part of the steel gate went by his head, through the back seat and into his truck bed ! This missed him by inches. If it had hit him, he would have been done for! We called Eddie Marquis and he met us with an electric saws all, and we cut this pole. Tony drove home but they came and towed his truck. It may be totaled.
I had dogs in my truck, so went to the BIG FIELDS for a conditioning run. Don’t you know June found and pointed a woodcock, and the other dogs backed her ! Very nice I suppose, but I don’t want birds on these workouts ! Just running ! I am very grateful my old buddy since 1964, Tony Bly did not get killed in that freak accident this morning !