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Worked a few dogs with Tony ( C.B. Handle was ” The Skinny Guinea ” ) this morning on wild birds.

One of DeQuans 7 finds on woodcock this am 8/ 23. Conditions were great as it rained last night, woods were cool and wet.
RU Woodcock CH. Stokely’s Ricky B backing 5 x Classic Winner Long Gone DeQuan 8/23/22
Another of DeQuans finds on woodcock this morning. Tony is the bean counter and figured we moved just over 30 birds. I know I was out of shells and was clapping my hands on both dogs, Quan and Pork.
Tony’s Max backing Porky this morning 8/23/22 we were finding birds in places we have not seen them all summer. We were looking for Porky over 10 minutes when Max found him and backed, Tony uses a tracker so then it was easy, he took us right to him, and the bird was there!
2 x CH Long Gone Porky pointing a woodcock this morning 8/23/22. It was a good morning to be out working dogs!