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Worked all The Idiots yesterday on wild birds. Tuesday Aug. 9.

Picked Tony up at his house at 5;15 ( as he has no truck ) and to the woods we went. First shot is DeQuan pointing a woodcock.
My young derby, Kenny Kilkenny pointing a woodcock 8/9/22
Kenny Kilkenny backing one of Tony’s shooting dogs on a woodcock find. 8/9/22
Tony and I ran two braces and he had to go to the dentist so I loaded up 2 more dogs and went out alone to work June and Porky. Here is June Bug pointing a woodcock
Porky pointing a woodcock yesterday…it was still very hot when I ran him, but it is suppose to cool off!
The swamp maples are always the first to begin to change colors….but really on Aug. 9 !