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Worked dogs in the rain yesterday with “Hank” Steve Sumple

Kenny Kilkenny pointing a woodcock in the rain yesterday Aug. 18, 2022. Also FYI on Paul Fullers site “Bird Dogs Afield ” is a new episode we filmed a week ago today with CH Long Gone Porky and multiple Classic Winner Long Gone DeQuan. It was fun making and we had a lot of bird work.
Not really sure what is happening here. We heard June stop and we were looking for her ( on the right ) and “Hanks ” good male “Bubba” stopped ? Backing? divided find? ( the bird was right in front of June ) had the bird been over in front of Bubba? It was a wet training day but much needed rain !
This vegetation is called “Hobble Bush”. I have been told grouse like it. It usually is low to the ground, hence it’s name. This one was over my head ! I was surprised to see it so tall, as was Hank.
If you see this truck in a cover, stop and say HI to Steve “Hank ” Sumple, but if it is during grouse season, you might as well keep going, he “never” misses!