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Worked dogs with Tony yesterday, Tuesday July 18th, 2023

Long Gone Juniper backing Tonys dog, Max, yesterday 7/ 18 /2023. We were just notified Sunday, 7/ 16 that “June” won The New England Open Derby of The year Award for the 2022/ 2023 season. We are proud of her field trial accomplishments, but we mostly enjoy the hell out of her as a grouse and woodcock hunting dog!

Long Gone DeQuan pointing a woodcock yesterday 7/18/23. Quan is Juniper’s sire and a placement winner ( First and Second ) of two big shooting classics in two days this spring. The woods are incredibly thick and lush this summer due to all the rain. We pointed both grouse and woodcock yesterday, but we had to work for them. We are a little concerned with bird numbers? Just to early to say.

Kenny Kilkenny backing Wally yesterday 7/18. With all the rain we are having up here in Coos country this summer, the birds are spread out as there are a lot of “wet spots” ! Also the grouse brood size generally is not large ( we saw one of 8, but also several of one! )