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Worked some dogs with Tony yesterday Aug. 2, on wild birds. Lots of bird work !

Porky backing .
2x CH & RU CH Long Gone Porky pointing a woodcock 8/2
Kenny Kilkenny pointing a woodcock 8/3
16 month old Kenny ( CH Long Gone Porky ex RU CH Long Gone Juicy ) pointing a woodcock 8/2
Derby age “June Bug ” ( Juniper) backing Tony’s “Ricky” on a woodcock 8/ 2/22
A “REALLY ” divided find. This was cool, I saw it unfold, Junie was working this bird, and then just STUCK IT ! Ricky was coming by and did not see her to back, but then smelled the bird , and pointed. Bird ( woodcock ) was right in front of June. We pointed a lot of birds yesterday, many in places we have not seen them all summer?