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Worked some dogs with Tony yesterday July 22, 2022

On my way to meet Tony yesterday morning, 7/22 this dead moose was in the middle of RT 110 just 2 minutes from my house ! So sad.
We were out there early yesterday 7/22 trying to “beat the heat”, as it closed in on 90 degrees. here is CH Long Gone Porky, in the first brace yesterday morning, pointing a woodcock.

Here is a shot from the second brace yesterday, my “Kenny Kilkenny” backing Tony’s Wally dog. Wally had this woodcock well located. Kenny is 15 months old.
Kenny on a divided find yesterday 7/22, can you see Tony flushing? All dogs had multiple finds yesterday.
Long Gone DeQuan pointing a woodcock yesterday 7/22/22. Today we have our annual Kilkenny course cleanup day. Suppose to get REAL hot so I hope we get a lot of it done early!