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Worked some dogs with Tony yesterday, Sunday Sept. 11, Ran into some tired flight birds!

Took a shot of one of the covers we were in yesterday, northern NH is so beautiful with fall just around the corner.
We got into a number of very tired flight woodcock yesterday ( 9/11 ). Some could only flip up and came right back down. I got this picture of one that Porky was pointing. I am just guessing that full moon we had the last few nights may have had something to do with this ? I like birds moving now, as they won’t be around in Oct. to get shot! I have heard many theories on these early woodcock movements ? “Lateral Flight”, “Summer Flight “, “Slant of The Sun “. “Staging Flight “,” Mothers teaching their young to fly distances”, “Global Warming”. But there was no question they were flight birds, in spots where we had no birds all summer, and VERY tired. I find this phenomenon so interesting, and part of the mystique of this great little bird!
2x CH Long Gone Porky pointing woodcock 9/11/22. I picked Tony up at his house a little after 6 am, after working 14 hours the day before Catering a couple of BIG events ! I am getting to old for that! But we were done in time to watch the Patriots…….that was ugly !
Porky backing Annie, Tony trying to figure out how to use his camera ! Steve “Hank ” Sumple is due in today to work dogs on wild birds for a few days ( plus chase some trout ). We braced up Annie and Porky and DeQuan and Ricky.