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Working Dogs Early April

My almost a year old puppy, “Kenny” backing Tony Blys’ RU CH Ricky. This was on Tuesday April 5th, 2022. Marie Bly was actually flushing this woodcock, as Tony had drop his camera and had to go fine it! ( he did)
My puppy by DeQuan, “Juneiper” pointing, either Mon. 4/4 or 4/5. We ran dogs every day this week, so I can’t remember!
Multiple CH Long Gone Porky backing Tony’s RU Woodcock CH Stokely’s Willie B on 4/6/22. We had just run “Quan” and “Ricky” for an hour in another cover but only pointed 1 woodcock. In this one we had 5 woodcock and 2 grouse.
It looks like “June Bug” is pointing here, but she is backing one of Tony’s young shooting dogs, Max or Wally, I can’t remember! We only had 1 grouse and 1 woodcock on this run for an hour and 25 minutes! This was yesterday, Thursday April 7, 2022. We then went and ran Kenny and Frankie in another spot, but not for an hour and a half! Pouring Rain up here today, so will actually go to work!