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Working Dogs in CT., March 16 & 17, 2022

Went down to “Peltons Pasture” ( Flaherty Field Trial Area) in CT. for a couple of days this week, with Thom Richardson and Deb Kennedy. The woodcock were in, and we had some quail with us also. Here is a shot of Long Gone DeQuan and Long Gone Hatfield pointing quail on Wens 3/16. Weather was gorgeous, so nice to get away from the snow!

Here we are with our puppies, showing them what a horse looks like. John Olfson was working his dogs at Peltons off his horses, I asked him if we could show our pups to the horses, he said sure. They will see them in field trials as the judges are mounted sometimes, and they can be imtimidated if they have never seen them. Here is Deb walking in front of the horses, while I have June Bug on a lead on the right, and Tommy is on the left with his pup “Lucy”.